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September 24th

Hello Everyone! Hope that this email finds you well.

I loved meeting many of you at the Coffee Cars & Cops Car Show today.

As the campaign continues, I wanted to reach out and share some important information.

Ballots will be mailed on or before October 10th. In person voting begins November 4th at the Veterans building. 401 Highland Ave.

Please Contact me at votesolnordal@gmail.com or (510)368-8880 with questions or concerns.

Thank you for your support and kindness.

September 4th

Happy Labor Day!

The holiday is rooted in the late 18th century when labor activists pushed for a federal holiday to recognize the many contributions workers have made to America's strength, prosperity and well being.

Hope you all have an amazing Holiday.

Jeanne Solnordal for City Council


FPPC #145624

September 3rd


On August 15, 2022, the City Council voted to move forward to solicit construction bids for the new pool.

In November of 2020 voters passed Measure UU, a bond measure to pay for renovations and upgrades to our current aquatic facilities. The cost for this measure will be assessed on your next property tax statement for 2023.

Initial costs were estimated at $19,500,000. Current estimated costs are $21,152,000. This leaves a gap of $1,652,000. Due to recent inflation the costs could easily soar higher.

How will the the city pay for the gap? The city is hopeful that Piedmont residents will step up. A giving campaign kickoff party was held on Thursday, August 25th. Donations can be made at http://PRFO.org


EBMUD has stated that we are in a stage 2 drought. What can we do to conserve water?

Make a goal to reduce your overall water usage by 10 percent.

How can you achieve this goal?

  • Irrigate no more than three times a week

  • Repair leaks, inside and out

  • Shorten irrigation time if there is run off

  • Minimize laundry - reuse towels and linens

  • Reduce your shower time by one or more minutes

  • Turn off water while brushing your teeth.

These tips are not only good for water conservation but will result in a lower utility bill.


Per an updated report given on July 18, 2022 the city is not on target to meet it's goals. Was this plan to ambitious? The city is rated a 3 on a scale of 10 for being energy efficient. That indicates our city is being responsible with our energy.

What are they asking us to do?

  • purchase an electric vehicle despite blackouts

  • reduce our heating days

  • be mindful of our energy usage

  • convert to all electric appliances

  • add electrical vehicle charging stations around town

  • considering mandatory regulations

What more can we do?

  • educate residents on the how's of converting appliances

  • community outreach

  • make the permitting process easier/waive permit fees

  • drive less

  • use every other light - it is easy if you loosen light bulbs

It is going to be difficult to meet the plans goals. Every little bit helps and it shows we care and are trying.

I will not support mandatory regulations. Not every home can support electrical appliances, solar panels and an electric car.

August 26th

Candidate Statement:

I am running for the City Council to bring a much-needed perspective and balance to our beautiful city. Many voices are underrepresented, especially those residents who oppose the plan to add 587 units of affordable housing to Piedmont at a cost of around $850,000 per unit. I am well-educated, having earned a Juris Doctorate degree in 1994 after working for the IRS for 18 years. In 1994 I obtained a Broker’s license and established a property management company which I still run. My legal (landlord/tenant) and tax accounting experience will be very helpful to Piedmont going forward. I will work to prioritize the city’s needs and will be fiscally responsible with your hard-earned taxpayer dollars. My family has lived in Piedmont since 2002 and our children attended Piedmont schools. I served as a Girl Scout leader, President of Millennium Parents Club, a school volunteer, and assisted in organizing the Spring Flings and Harvest Festival. Currently, I am serving on the Public Safety Committee. Piedmont is a unique and desirable place to live. Let’s keep it that way.

Housing Element Proposal

Regional Housing Need Allocation - 587 Units

Allocation: (587)

163 - extremely low income

94 - low income

92 - moderate income

238 - above moderate

Income level: (annual)

extremely low - less than $69,000

low - $69,000-$110,000

moderate - $110,00- $151,000

above moderate - above $151,000

Proposed Sites

  • Accessory Dwelling Units - ADU

  • Grand Avenue

    • Ace Hardware

    • Sylvan Center

  • Morage Canyon

    • Both sides of street

  • City Center

    • Banks

    • Mulberry's

    • 801 Magnolia

The current plan needs further debate & discussion!